About TJ Morris Agency Open Source

Preparing a proper manual for the future of the Cosmos Conscious Humanity

Please be advised that in our future we will share with artificial general intelligence and those who may want to volunteer their energy and time for saving cost to our United States government.

With the latest involvement with GPT4o we can share our own ways of forming audio and video to assist others understand communications as our own Cyberspace Culture Community or Club.

American Communications Online is a solo entity as a holding company for scientific data archiving and educational purposes.

We will learn how to maintain information in a WordPress blog form for convenience to mainly developers who desire to participate in sharing their own time.

We are learning about Cybersecurity from a layperson’s senior viewing.

Purpose This document was developed to further the authoring organization’s cybersecurity mission, including their responsibilities to identify and disseminate threats, and to develop and issue cybersecurity specifications and mitigations. This information may be shared broadly to reach all appropriate stakeholders. We share as an open-source information service for educational purposes.