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Theresa J Morris
Theresa J Morris

American Communications Online.


Most all friends of Theresa’s have an interest in her groups and platforms in social media groups which are confident in the growth of the future in “Integrative Medicine” Intellectual Property and Open-Source Information are now going to be addressed during the growth of our “NEW COMMUNITY IN CYBERSPACE” we call the Internet. While we share social media on the “INTERNET HIGHWAY”, we know that Virtual Citizens will be using their own personal cell phone (Android-Apple) to share what is happening in time as “Citizen Journalist”. TJ Morris ET Radio – Talk Shows Live.

Theresa J Morris will be having her friends share in her future Talk Shows Live their own views on how we will progress in the future on various topics. We will begin asking people who she already knows about their own personal lives growing up and how their lives have changed. People want to know how other people think. People want to know who they can trust. We will be glad to assist with others life stories and to film and archive life stories. We will want to have an agreement and affidavit signed by our friends, clients, customers who desire to share their life stories in our archives. Thus far, Theresa has kept interviews, and educational entertainment stored under a paid for archive on Blog Talk Radio under the brand TJ Morris ET Radio. Theresa J Morris, Author-Researcher-Host, TJ Morris Agency-Media-Radio photo Phone: 850-376-9100 Mobile: 850-781-9967, 736-5138 Email: Skype: TJMorrisET Website: Address: 3406 Green Briar Ct., Apt A, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563-1822 Website: