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Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris has the Brand TJ Morris in The United States of America. Used in commerce since 2000. Author, Speaker, Intuitive Counselor, Tarot Reader, founder of the original Ascension Center in Honolulu, Hawaii 1989.

Specializes in a foundation of self-improvement and well-being. Began the Ascension Ancient Mysery Schools Psychic Awakening Classes in Honolulu, near the Manoa campus of the University of Hawaii in the offices of Dr. Laura Sturgis, Ph.D. Psychology. After attending PSi Seminars with Cynthia Chu and other friends a small group of friends began a spiritual path  and later became known as the ACO.

TJ Thurmond met her hsuband in 1995 and was arried in 2000. She became TJ Morris.

The name for her brand is actually her own initials and married name.  Theresa now is an agent for the Ascension Universal Life Misinstry Education. TJ Morris AGENCY now is a data management for a spiritual science community online. TJ began the TJ Morris ET Radio shows in June 2012. Thomas A Sinisi aka Tommy Hawksblood as her Co-host has been operating online ministry radio shows under both spirituality and paranormal categories.

Theresa and Thomas are both Universal Life Ministers for Ascension way of life regarding hope for all who share a “Live and Let Live” philosophy and a Christ Consciousness love and light (wisdom) as a belief in God.  Being a journalist for faith and freedom first is about the Constitution and freedom and the 2nd Amendment with freedom of speech.

Sharing hope as a health and wellness advocate for integrative medicine.  Theresa has a history with writing and has written many books available on both Amazon and Lulu. See TJ Morris Media Publishing

Theresa J Morris
with late husband
Thomas R Morris

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