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October 30, 2017

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American Communications Online

Gulf Breeze, FL USA 32563

Theresa J Morris

TJ Morris dba ACIR,

TJ Morris Media

TJ Morris Agency

American Communications Organization shares our

American Consultants Organization – Agents-Consultants-Organizers

Author’ History Opportunities in the ACO Social Service Club of TJ Morris ACIR


We share peer review journals




MAGAZINE ARTICLES – With this in mind, here are some tips for writing your report:

  • Review your investigative notes and organize them into key topic headings before beginning to write your final report.
  • Write a factual narrative in chronological order. Begin by relating who you are (e.g., an 18-year veteran detective assigned to narcotics). Next, record how the matter came to your attention (e.g., you saw it happen). Then relate what you did after the matter came to your attention (e.g., you responded to the scene, determined whether a crime was committed, collected evidence, spoke with witnesses or the victim, etc.)
  • Address the following questions:
  • Have all leads in the case been thoroughly developed and investigated?
  • What evidence supports (or does not) the determination that a particular person committed a crime?
  • What conclusions would a reasonable person reach based on the factual evidence developed by the investigation?

Final Thoughts

TJ Morris Media and Publishing – http://tjmorrismedia.com

Our Cosmos Connection Radio show is on Saturdays 6-8 Eastern on our affiliate Revolution Radio Network and shares with our Cosmos Expo Network.

Revolution is available on Freedoms Lips at http://freedomslips.com


on Blog Talk Radio Network


In service to others. We celebrate life each day and allow our love as Life Coaches to serve self and others as we cross paths. We choose friends who support each other in life that we co-create in this world in which we choose to exist.

First we make a commitment to survive and to prepare for the word and hope for the best. We share the love of life and the light as wisdom of the creators.

We ask each of our members to believe in their own higher power, source, we also know as God with the big G. We share that love is the synergy we choose to procreate to share with each other a co-creator. We share education and choose to be a community online practicing skills group of gatherers.

We share our immortal souls as always moving forward and appreciating our past. We share our Ancient Cultures Origin with our radio shows, webinars, and events.

We also share our future with our ERA COP Journal as in Time Travelers Guide for our members.

We share our ACE Metaphysical Institute and our UFO Secret Space Journal for our groups which share social media and blogs.

We share our own symbols, rituals, and ceremony at an annual alumni gathering.

2016 Power of three and including two more to make five holding Board of Advisers positions.

Founder is Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris, Agent-Consultant-Organizer Producer for our ACO CLUB.

Ancient Cultures Origin Journal – A Peer Review Journal at http://ancientculturesorigin.com

Facilitator and Vice President is Sunday Co-Host -Bill M Tracer for Sunday Meetings – Weekly

Monday Co-Host – Thomas A. Sinisi – on Radio as Tommy Hawksblood

Tuesday Co-Host is Janet Kira Lessin on”Ascension Center”

Wednesday Co-Host is Diana McClintic also known as “Mount Deva”

Thursday Co-Host is Tony R Elliott for ERA Cop Peer to Peer Review Journal

Friday Co-Host is Theresa J Morris – Agent-Consultant-Organizer and Interviews Metaphysicians, Authors, Musicians, Practitioners, Researchers, Ancient Cultures Origin Researchers, and STEM Program Engineers and Scientists, Business Owners, and Integrative Health and Wellness profits and non-profit association members.

Saturday Co-Host is Janet Kira Lessin – on BTR Cosmos Radio Org with Theresa J Morris “TJ”

Sunday Co-Host is Bill M Tracer with Theresa J Morris “TJ” for Ascension Center and Author’s Club Organizers.

Mission: ACO Health and Prosperity for all.

Learning to live and let live with freedom, liberty, ACO

Ascension Center Organization is a world movement for

Universal Life Ministries

ACO Ascension Center Organization

Era Cop World History

ACE Metaphysical Institute

Solutions – We share an interest in metaphysics. We believe in creation.

Metaphysical Book Authors share improving Self-Help and Spirituality




We are ACE Folklife Historical Society and other organizations under the ACO SPIRITUALITY CLUB – Golden Gateway

We share solutions helps businesses and nonprofits save money, align their staff, and achieve their goals. We lead workshops and strategic planning retreats that redirect energy wasted on conflict to solve problems and create success. Our community -Whether you’re a new player or a veteran looking to get involved in a global game, this is the place to find your interest, develop your stories, and watch them come to life, whether at local games or at our many regional and national conventions.

So to you, our new found friend, welcome. Our door is always open.







Conspiracy Theories






Global Tectonic Economics

Historical Sacred Sites


Life Coaching





Pop Culture





Universal Life

Ancient Wisdom and New Thought Teachings









Ascension Center Organization

Ascension Process – Eschatology


World Cultures & Religions

Alien Contact Organization – ACO

We will co-create the new reality!

ET Contactees –

Beyond Time on Earth

Alien Planets-Alien Galaxies

Roswell Connection

We are ROLE PLAYING – I am Sarah (Tara) Rose and I am a Guide and a Time Traveler. I am aware of Tara El and Ari El in different time frames and interdimensional roll playing higher self-channeling episodes.

Cosmos Connection

Cosmos Expo Magazine


Theresa J Morris


TJ Morris Agency

We are Team Players”

We share various websites, and social media groups and pages. We share the Cosmos Radio Org on our TJ Morris Radio Network. We share our friends in our communications and written articles and

Professional Society Newsletters.

Let us know if you or your client is in need of assistance in public relations or are in need of a personal stylist or publicist.

Cosmos Radio Organization is a Professional Society of Communicators who enjoy sharing time working at their skill improvement in speechcraft. Many of TJ’s friends are authors and are always busy writing their next book or promoting their present just completed book.

We share in the ACO Club of America as Authors …We also are now building friends who want to share their excitement about a project they are working These may include topics or tracks included in programs of upcoming events.

Theresa J Morris is an Agent, Consultant, Organizer, and also an Author, Speaker, and Radio Host. If you would like to come aboard for her Life Coaching Classes on a personal development course or in her workshops for event planning please let one of her Agents, Consultants, or Organizers know.

We specialize in the information sharing for authors, musicians, and people in the entertainment industry. Visual and performing artists are part of our cast of talent we share with our authors, and speakers.

ACO is a division of the TJ Morris Brand

Share in the TJ Morris ACO and ACIR logo online.

Checklist for TJ’s Agents-Consultants-Organizers


Check List or “Honey Do List” as her mother so conveniently called it. Theresa’s mother was a writer and a wonderful housewife and writer.

Theresa Mae Bolton was her name given at birth and she was called “TESS THOMAS” as a 

Writer and event planner. Tess organizer of her 50th class reunion at the Ouachita High School was loved for finding her old class mates and sharing a wonderful website in her lifetime.

Theresa Mae Bolton may be honored by purchasing her book online on lulu.com called “Good old days in Louisiana” by Tess Thomas.

Books by Theresa J Morris available on Amazon.com and Lulu.com

Latest is Avatar Oracle for only $1.99 as a pdf file to download. Find it on http://lulu.com

AVATAR ORACLE by Theresa J Morris

A Good Read

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